An old saying goes like…
Great minds discuss Ideas;Average minds discuss Events;Small minds discuss People
Leaving the silos behind in this, as a society we are a conglomerate of all these minds.Here is a striking example of creating an IDEA that conduct EVENTS to care PEOPLE! Sure, there are some great minds with empathy at work behind this, at these testing times, while the very word Union is synonymous with collusion of vested interests.Probably the least organized in our nation is the labour in Service industry verticals, that are inherently extremely diverse and most complex by nature. By statistics, the average employment tenure in IT & Allied domain is the least, just second to daily wages! Yet any effort to alleviate this situation by a caring union is far from reality even after decades.That’s when ITEC ventures into that great and complex void of a maturing industry vertical called IT & Allied. No doubt, it’s a Himalayan task to integrate work forces of multifarious sub-domains ranging from Data operator to scientific officers. Rightly, ITEC plans to do it by integration of specified and differentiated federations for every sub-domain of this industry.All the best wishes for ITEC to become THE solution for the solution providers!

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